2005.064.1 Bible   1895 Edition, from St. John's Church, Tappahannock, pub. by Henry Altemus of Philadelphia, poor condition,spine broken,paper is acidic and browning,has illustrations  
P01.007 Newspaper   47 Richmond papers from 1940 to 1953  
2005.083.4 Booklet Town of Tappahannock One (1) publication entitled Tappahanock, Virginia Port of Entry  
2005.010.05 Book Agnes h. Morton Letter Writing, copyright 1894 Letter Writing
2005.010.023 Book   history of UVA, 1904, Vol. II  
P96.089.04 Newspaper Clipping   Recap of Jenny Lind  
P96.089.08 Newspaper   The Alexandria Gazette, Alexandria, Virginia, Sunday, February 22, 1932. Vol. CXLVIII-No. 45. Commemorative of George Washington's 200th Birthday.  
P96.089.09 Newspaper   The Richmond News Leader, Richmond, Virginia, Wednesday, February 16, 1927. Crowd Jams Tappahannock At Bridge Opening  
P96.089.10 Newspaper   Washington Harold, Monday, February 22. 1932. Vol. X. No. 90. China Halt Foes As Tokyo Rushes 15,000 More Men  
P96.089.11 Newspaper   The Washington Post, Washington, Monday, February 22,1932. No. 20.339. DECISIVE FIGHT NEAR AS JAPAN HURLS FULL STRENGTH AGAIN AT DOGGED CHINESE DEFENSE  
P96.089.12 Newspaper   The Alexandria Gazette, Alexandria, Virginia, Saturday, March 5, 1932. Vol. CXLVIII- No. 56. SUITOR OF BABY LINDBERGH'S NURSE QUESTIONED; FLYING COLONEL WAITS MESSAGE FROM KIDNAPERS (was spelled "kidnapers", not "kidnappers")  
P96.089.13 Newspaper   The Rappahannock Times, Tappahannock, Virginia, Tuesday, May 24, 1962. Squad Home Is Dedicated, Downing Donates U.S. Flag  
P96.089.14 Newspaper   The Rappahannock Times, Tappahannock, Virginia, Tuesday, February 10, 1966. Trailors, Tags, CAP Acted On By Board Supervisors  
L96.097.6 Book   Stand. Oil bok, "Instruments......."  
P97.029.1 Book   Title- "6 Months in a Convent", 1831-1832, 6" x 4"  
P97.076.01 Magazine   Little Folks Magazine  
P97.076.02 Book Julius King "Birds Book 1", Illustrated by Allan Brooks, The Harter Publishing Company, Cleveland, 1934. "Birds Book 1"
P97.076.03 Book   Nursery Rhymes Book with "Little Tommy Tucker, Jack and Jill, etc. "Little Tommy Tucker", etc.
P97.076.04 Book Compiled by Frances Cavanah "Children's Prayers", Illustrated by Ellen Segner, Whitman Publishing Co, Racine, Wisconsin, 1945. "Children's Prayers"
P97.076.05 Book   "The Story of Robin Hood", 2 page incomplete. No publisher or author information given. "The Story of Robin Hood"
P97.076.06 Book Kira Melissarato "Wee Fishie Wun", Illustrated by John V. Schwarzman, Cupples & Leon Company, New York, 1945. "Wee Fishie Wun"
P97.076.07 Book   " 'Twas The Night Before Christmas", A Bonnie Book, James & Jonathan Company, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 1952. " 'Twas The Night Before Christmas"
P97.076.08 Book   "Peter Rabbit", illustrated by Ruth E. Newton, Whitman Publishing Co., Racine, Wisconsin, 1940. "Peter Rabbit"
P97.076.09 Book   6 copies of "I am the Way, The Truth, and The Life", from the painting by R.P. Coleman.  
P97.076.10 Book   "The Cats at Play", Middle Pages, Animal Farm Type. No publisher or author information given. "The Cats at Play"
P97.076.12 Book   1 Page "God Bless Our Homeland", painting by Florence Kroger.  
P97.076.13 Book   "To Market To Market" and others. 12 Pages Nursery Rhyme Book. No publisher or author information given. "To Market To Market" etc.
P97.076.14 Magazine   "World Comrades" magazine, Vol. VII, No. 3, December, 1928. Woman's Missionary Union "World Comrades"
P97.076.15 Book   "Group Pupils Lesson Stories", Primary, Vol. 5, No. 2. April, May, June, 2d Quarter, 1927. Providence Lithograph Company, Providence, Entered as Second-class matter November 24, 1923. "Group Pupil Lesson Stories"
P97.076.16 Book Otta Taggart Johnston "A Picture Book of Children Around the World", The Harter Publishing Company, Cleveland, Ohio, 1934. "A Picture Book of Children Around the World"
P97.076.17 Book   "The Havoc of a Liquor Heritage" one page, Department of Child Welfare, National W. C. T. U. Publishing House, Evanston, Illinois. atleast 1914. "The Havoc of a Liquor Heritage"
P97.076.18 Book Rebecca K. Sprinkle "Parakeet Peter", Rand McNally & Company, Chicago, 1954. "Parakeet Peter"
P97.076.19 Book   1 Page from A-B-C, no publisher or author information given.  
P97.076.20 Book   1 Page from Number Book, numbers 6 and 7. Illustrated by Florence Sarah Winship. No publisher or author information given.  
P97.076.21 Book   2 Pages bunny book. No publisher or author information given.  
P97.076.22 Book   "A Donkey's Story", No. 3200A., The Platt & Munk Co., Inc. Made in the U.S.A. "A Donkey's Story" and "The Shoemaker and the Elves"
P97.076.23 Book   "Olof and the Three Goats" book, No. 3200C., The Platt & Munk Co., Inc. Made in U.S.A. "Olaf and the Three Goats" and "The Easter Rabbit"
P97.076.24 Book   "The Little Turtle That Could Not Stop Talking", book, no publisher or author information given. "The Little Turtle That Could Not Stop Talking" and "How Brother Rabbit Fooled The Whale and the Elephant"
P97.076.25 Book   "The Elephant and the Monkey", book, no publisher or author information given. Seems to go with P97.076.25 "The Elephant and the Monkey" and "How Little Bunny Rabbit Caught the Sun"
P97.076.26 Book unknown "All Aboard- Put Together Book", Sam'l Gabriel Sons & Company, New York, 1927. "All Aboard- Put Together Book"
P97.076.27 Book Donna Lugg Pape "The Best Suprise of All", Illustrated by Janet and Alex D'Amato, A Whitman Tell-A-Tale Book, Western Publishing Company, Inc., Racine, Wisconsin, 1961. "The Best Suprise of All"
P97.076.28 Book Louise Eppenstein "Sally Goes Shopping Alone", illustrated by Esther Friend, The Platt & Munk Co INC, 1950. "Sally Goes Shopping Alone"
P97.076.29 Book Sherman Kent "A Boy and a Pig, But Mostly Horses", Illustrated by Sam Savitt, Dodd, Mead & Company, New York, 1974. "A Boy and a Pig, But Mostly Horses"
P97.076.30 Book Wilson S Dakin "Great Rivers of the World" The Macmillan Company, New York, 1948. "Great Rivers of the World"
P97.076.31 Book R.D. Bezucha "The Golden Anniversary Book of Scouting", illustrated by Norman Rockwell, Golden Press, New York, 1959. "The Golden Anniversary Book of Scouting"
P99.096.1 Book   Virginia, 1905, Tarr and McMurry's Geographies  
P99.098.1 Gloves   12 pairs, not individually cataloged or marked, see listing in Accessions book from Sally Settle Spreadsheet  
P97.118.1 Scarf, table   white net and lace, 32x 32 in., a dress and blouse were also donated by the Modern Cleaners at this time as noted in Suzanne Derieux notebook , but could not be located in 2006, David Jett  
P01.001.1 Book A. D. Latane Vagaries and Memories  
P01.002.1 Book   Richmond Illustrated, souvenir photo book circa 1900  
P01.004.1 Poster   Essex Convocation, 1957-1967, not each year ,1988, Tappahannock Memorial Methodist Church  
P01.006.1 Newspaper   Tappahannock Bridge opening, Richmond News Leader, Feb 16, 1927  
P97.076.34 Magazine   Little Folks Magazine, 1925, source of donation unknown  
P04.010.1 Book   Watermen of the Chesapeake  
P02.003 Book Marion Harland Cook Book of Belle Brooke Cauthorne, pub 1898 Common Sense in the Household
P04.011 Book Burgess Chesapeake Circle Chesapeake Circle
P04.013 Book Burgess Steamboats out of Baltimore Steamboats out of Baltimore
P04.014 Book Hughes, with S. King illustrations Pictorial History of Jamestown The Pictorial Story of Jamestown, VA. The Voyage and Search for a Settlement Site
P04.010 Book   Watermen of the Chesapeake Bay Watermen of the Chesapeake Bay
P04.016 Book Latane Vagaries and Memories Vagaries and Memories
P04.017 Book Carman The Friendship of Art The Friendship of Art
P04.018 Book Cheever Little Jolliby's Christmas, 1895 Little Jolliby's Christmas, 1895
P04.020 Book   Welcome to Tappahannock Welcome to Tappahannock
2006.006.1 Booklet   Tappahannock Port of Entry. 1982 , 2 copies Publication is about the town's tricentennial and the opening of the new Browning bridge.  
P04.021 Book Hudson Pictorial Booklet on Early Jamestown Commodities and Industries Pictorial Booklet on Early Jamestown Commodities and Industries
P04.023 Book   Once upon a River Once upon a River
P04.024 Book   The Mentor, The Revolution The Mentor, The Revolution
P04.024.02 Book   The Mentor The Contest for North America The Mentor The Contest for North America
P04.025 Book   Tappahannock Port of Entry, 1982 centennial Tappahannock Port of Entry, 1982 centennial
P04.026 Book Chesapeake Bay Foundation Natural and Cultural Atlas of Lower Rappahannock Rver Valley, maps, 1992 shows wetlands, ancient shoreline, cultural and historic sites, bird migraation, fish spawning, etc. Natural and Cultural Atlas of Lower Rappahannock Rver Valley, maps, 1992
P04.027 Book   Virginia's Cartographers and their Maps Virginia's Cartographers and their Maps
2006.024.1 Book   Gaines Family history, 1973  
P97.086.1 Book Pratt Cedar Creek, Camden, Portobago, in Caroline County, VA. 1650-1997  
P97.007.1 Book   History of Upper Essex Baptist Church, Caret, VA, 1772-1997  
P97.021.1 Book Mc Guire History of First Baptist Church, Tappahannock, 1867-1993  
P04.028 Book   Garnett, Tidewater Tales, first ed. 1927  
P04.029 Clock   Cedar wood in form of initials V G, given to Virgil Gowan, town mayor by council  
P04.030 Quilt   circle style , unfinished, multicolor  
P04.032 clipping, newspaper   "Oystermen Tong Eskimo Fashion in Rappahannock" in Urbanna, n.d. prob 1940's, a Richmond newspaper, clipping pasted to back about breakup of ice in Richmond harbor  
2005.087.1 Book   Graded Classics Third Reader, 1902, Johnson Publishng Company  
2005.033.001 Clipping, newspaper   Downing Bridge opening, Gravure Section., Richmond times Dispatch, Feb 27, 1927  
2005.033.002 Sheet music   Virginia Lullaby  
2005.033.003a Notice   Public sale of real estate 1937  
2005.033.003b Notice   public sale of real estate 1937  
2005.047.1 Newspaper   Tidewater Democret, Tappahannock, May, 30,1899  
2005.58 Pamphlet   Arny pamhlet 21-41, February 1949 Personal Conduct for the Soldier
2005.076.1 Book   Bicentennial cookbook The Essex Sampler Cookbook, Bicentennial Commission 1976
2005.076.2 Book   Scenes from Every Land, National Geographic Society 1909 Scenes from Every Land
2005.076.3 Book   Whites Intermediate Arithmetic, 1898 edition from Henley's Drugstore, Tappahannock Virginia Edition Whites Intermediate Arithmetic
2005.076.4a Book Neil Osburn 1927 American History book Edith and John Holladay Latane American History for Young American's
2005.076.4b Book   1943 duplicate of the Edith andJohn Holladay Latane American History for the Young  
2005.076.5 Book   Episcopal Prayer book The Prayer Book Reason Why
2005.076.6 Book   1818 arithmetic book published in Phila. American Tutor's Assistant Arithmetic
2005.076.7 Book   1901 children's book, to Kate Faust in 1904 Bobtail Dixie
2005.076.8 Book   Pocket Size New Testiment. Edith Butler, primary department. Phila. New Testiment
2005.076.9 Book   Children's book. NY 1906. for Passenger Dept. Seabourd Air Line Railway. Portsmouth, VA The Treasure on the Beach
2005.076.10 Book   The Lone Ranger's New Dpeuty, NY 1951 The Lone Ranger's New Deputy
2005.076.11 Book   For Those Who Mourn, Cincinnati For Those Who Mourn
2005.076.12 Book Betsy Ware and Barbara Latane Ware Neighborhood Stories, A third-grade Geography, 1935 Neighborhood Stories
2005.076.13 Book   Acts of the General Assembly of VA, 1894, belonged to John M. Teeull(?), sheriff of Essex Co. Acts of the General Assembly of VA
2005.076.14 Book M. F. Maury Geography book, NY 1881 Manual of Geography
2005.076.15 Book Tennyson Poems 1895, belonged to Martha Chiles, paperback Enoch Arden and Other Poems
2005.077 Magazine   October 1927 issue of Ladies Home Journal Ladies Home Journal
2005.078.2 Newspaper John Dare Davis 2 pieces of the copy of newspaper article "Cap'n John River Boat Man", RTD aug 1, 1954 Cap'n John River Boat Man
2005.079 Newspaper   Jan 18, 1968 issue, has portrait of Joseph De Shields and pictures of Robert S. Handly Rappahannock Times
2007.11.1 Book John Bunyan The Pilgrim's Progress The Pilgrim's Progress
2007.11.2 Book J. P. K. Henshaw, D. D. Biography of Rt. Rev. Richard Channing Moore, bishop, and a few of his sermons Memior of the Life of Rt. Rev. Richard Cahnning Moore, D. D.
2007.11.3 Book Charles Dickens A Child's History of England A Child's History of England
2007.11.4 Book   Sermons, writings, and a memior of Rev. Andrew Broaddus The Sermons and Other Writings of the Rev. Andrew Broaddus
2007.11.5 Book Elizabeth Barret Browning poetry of Elizabeth Barret Browning Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barret Browning
2007.11.6 Book Currer Bell Villlette, written by the author of Jane Eyre Villette
2007.14.16 Book   1949 telephone book Telephone Directory
2007.2 Print   print in Harpers Weekly newspaper supplement, March 1872 of dredging for oysters in the Chesapeake Bay, features African Americans, 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches, by W.L. Sheppard; oystering, oyster, graphic, waterman Mine Oyster
2007.21 Poster   articles and a map on Tappahannock Downtown Tappahannock
2006.011.219 Book   The Cavalier, Lloyds High School, 1915, yearbook  
2006.011.220 Book   Essex County Virginia; Its Historic Homes, Landmarks and Traditions. 1940  
2006.011.221 Book   Essex County Virginia; Its Historic Homes and Traditions. 1957  
2007.29 Yearbook   Rapp. H.S. yearbook 1938  
2007.31 Book Haskett, S. King illustrations 1997, Jamestown Clonial National Historical Park, illustrated
2007.41.5 Newspaper   Rappahannock Times, Aug. 12., 1976, 2 sections, 24 pages  
2007.41.3 Newspaper   The Rappahannock Times, Nov. 10, 1938  
2007.41.4 Newspaper   Rappahannock Times, May 6, 1943, page 1 through 4 only  
2007.41.6 Newspaper   Rappahannock Times, March 8, 1979, Section B, has article on great Tappahannock Fire of 1917  
2007.42.1 Book A Lady The Young Lady's Friend, Boston , 1837  
2007.42.2 Magazine   Harpers New Monthly Magazine, New York, 1856  
2007.47.1 Periodical   Everywoman, March 1960  
2007.47.2 Periodical   The Country Gentleman, July 17, 1920  
2007.47.3 Catalog   Charles Williams Stores New York, 1918; World War I era  
2007.47.4 Periodical   The Saturday Evening Post, August 2, 1924  
2007.47.5 Periodical   The Saturday Evening Post, May 21, 1927  
2007.44.2 Booklet   Road to Revolution promotional  
P97.076.35 Book Werner The Little Golden Book of Hymns, 1947 The Little Golden Book of Hymns
P97.074.1 Book   Little Red Riding Hood, 1940, 1 page  
2007.25.1 Bible   bible of Austin Brockenbrough, Jr.  
2007.25.2 Ambrotype   ambrotype of Austin Brockenbrough, Jr.  
P97.074.2 Book   Wildflowers We Should Know  
2007.51.01 Magazine J. R. Thompson, Editor July 1858 Southern Literary Messenger Southern Literary Messenger
2007.51.02 Magazine J. E. Williams, Editor December 1858 The Southern Planter, No. 12 The Southern Planter
2007.51.03 Magazine   December 1856 Blackwood's Magazine Blackwood's Edinbrugh Magazine
2007.51.04 Magazine Frank: G. Ruffin, Editor May 1858 The Southern Planter, No. 5 The Southern Planter
2007.51.05 Magazine   January 1856 Harper's New Monthly Magazine Harper's New Monthly Magazine
2007.51.06 Magazine   April 1853 Harper's New Monthly Magazine Harper's New Monthly Magazine
2007.51.07 Magazine   April 1869 Harper's New Monthly Magazine, No. 227 Harper's New Monthly Magazine
2007.51.08 Magazine   January 1883 Harper's New Monthly Magazine Harper's New Monthly Magazine
2007.51.09 Newspaper   Saturday July 3, 1869 Southern Home Journal Southern Home Journal
2007.51.10 Magazine   1854 Putnum's Monthly Putnum's Monthly
2007.60.1 Newspaper   January 29, 1991 Daily Press, Operation Desert Storm, 2 copies  
2007.60.2 Newspaper   January 16, 1991 Daily Press, Iraqi people, 1 page  
2007.60.3 Newspaper   Febuary 27, 1991 Daily Press, Allies Free Kuwait City  
2007.60.4 Newspaper   June 27, 1991 Daily Press, Coming Home  
2007.60.5 Newspaper   August 13, 1995 Daily Press, WWII Ends 50th anniversary  
2007.60.6 Newspaper   August 6, 1995 Daily Press, The Bombing of Hiroshima  
2007.60.7 Newspaper   January 17, 1991 Daily Press, We're At War  
2008.02.4 Exerpt   "The Goodwin Families of America" from William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Oct 1897  
2008.02.5 Exerpt   "Tyler Family of Essex, Spotsylvania and Caroline Counties", from William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. XIX, 1910-1911, reprinted 1977  
2008.18 Speech   M. R. H. Garnett delivered in House of Representatives, Jan. 16, 1861, pub Washington, D.C., 1861  
L2008.5.1 Book   1 book of Brizendine Family Papers  
L2008.5.2 Booklet   Booklet by M.I. Limpkin "Some Things About Our Brizendine Parents"  
2008.12.1 Book   Medical Book  
2008.12.2 Book   Medical Book  
2008.12.3 Book   Medical Book  
2008.12.4 Book   Medical Book  
2008.12.5 Book   Medical Book  
2008.12.6 Encyclopedia   1850s-1890 Encyclopedia  
2008.12.7 Book   Home Entertainment Book from 1883  
2008.14.1 Book   1 book on Greene family genealogy - Green Tree, A History of the Green Family by B.D. Green, Almeda, California, no date  
2008.19 Monograph James Mason Grove 42 pages, pub1981, Williamsburg, Va. Has lists of Students of Lucy Yates Wellford Gray, husband was Dr. Thomas Branch Willson Gray Tappahannock Female Seminary
2005.006 Book Charles W. Warner   Hoskins of Virginia and Related Families
2008.23.1 Book   set of 35 booklets - Essex COunty Deed, Will, & Order Books 1692-1792 from Antient Press Essex County Deed, Will and Order Books 1692-1792
2006.010.4 Book   Essex County Virginia Historic Homes, 1957  
L97.099.12 Book   Reprint, original Charleston., 1861 Prayers Suitable for the Times in which We Live
2008.25 Receipt   5 receipts to Edward Ware from Lucy Y. Gray for tuition, etc of his daughter Catherine W. Ware, 1849-1853  
2008.26.1 Book Gwathmey, John H. Gwathmey, John H., Essex County: Excerpt from Twelve Counties Where the Western Migration Began, Published: Richmond, VA Dietz Press, 1937. Essex COunty: Excerpt from Twelve Virginia Counties Where the Western Migration Began
2008.26.8 Certificate   U.S.S. Tappahannock, 1943 certificatte awarded to sailor for crossing equator, etc... "Order of teh Golden Dragon Shellback"  
2008.26.9 Envelope   Envelope with post mark U.S.S. Tappahannock, AO-43, New York, NY, August 17, 1967  
2008.28 Notebook   1 looseleaf notebook "Woman's Club Milestones of History" by Joan Paris, Anita Harrower and others. Tappahannock, 2008  
2008.34 Genealogy   Information on Seal - Courtney Family Cemetery, Pauls Crossroads, Essex County. 9 pages includes genealogy and photos of grave markers  
2008.44 Genealogy   genealogical material on Payne, Jourdan, Sledd and Fogg families. 28 pages, unbound in folder  
2008.15.1 Ticket   "Free Pass" ticket to Daw Theatre, Tappahannock, no date  
2008.15.2 Letter   Letter to George C. Clanton from Miss America Pageant, 1976 in envelope containing 1 check for 30.00 cash, Daw Theatre, Inc. 1976  
2008.16 Booklet   one booklet with illustrations "Some Things About Our Brizendine Parents by M.I. Lumpkin, self published, 2008  
2008.30.1 Papers   Papers from Dunnsville Post Office ca. 1946-53 at Wares Store in Dunnsville  
2008.30.2 Receipts   basket of receipts from Dunnsville Post Office ca. 1946-53 at Wares Store Dunnsville  
2008.33.1 Book   Association for Childhood Education, "Sung under the Silver Umbrella, Poems for Young Children," New York, 1943  
2008.33.2 Book   Cook, Roy J., "One Hundred and One Famous Poems," Chicago, 1929  
2008.33.3 Book   Hader, Bertha and Elmer, Picture Book of Mother Goose, New York, 1930, 1944-  
2008.33.4 Book   Harris, Joel Chandler, "The Favorite Uncle Remus," Cambridge, MAss, 1948  
2008.33.5 Book   Sandburg, Carl, "Rootabaga Stories," New York, 1922, 1951  
2008.33.6 Book   Stevenson, Robert Lewis, "A Child's Garden of Veres," New York, 1929, 1932  
2008.33.7 Book   Stevenson, Robert Lewis, "A Child's Garden of Verses," New York, 1905, 1955  
2008.24 Book Beverley C. Pratt "Places I have Known Along the Rappahannock River" by Beverley C. Pratt, Published by author, 2005 Places I Have Known along the Rappahannock River
2009.05 Article Larry Chowning Features Witt Garrett and maintenance of lights or lighted buoys on the middle Rappahannock, 1918-1967 Lighting the River
2008.45 Census   Copy of 1810 Essex County Census from index to 1810 Virginia Census, 2 pages  
2008.46 Book   One copy of "Tappahannock on the Rappahannock" pageant performed at Tappahannock High School in 1982; 48 pages in yellow binder. by Gary Welz and Catherine Deshazo Copyright 1982.  
2008.47..1 Booklets   26 Essex County Woman's Club booklets: year books, constitution and by-laws, one from King & Queen County 1966-1989  
2008.47.2a Report   Essex County Woman's Club 50th Anniversary Narrative Report 1973  
2008.47.2b Booklet   Essex County Woman's Club 50th Anniversary Narrative booklet, 1973  
2008.47.3 Speech   Speech on American Literature and Calvanism given to Essex Ladies' Club, no author or date  
2008.47.4 Folder   Folder of materials relating to Essex County/Richmond County Tricentennial, 1992  
2008.47.5 News Clippings   Large enveloope of Essex Woman's Club Newspaper clippings, 1960  
2008.47.7 Press items   Press items by Prof. William C. Garnett for "The Free Lance" Fredericksburg, 1904-1906  
2008.47.9 Booklet   Essex County Junior Woman's Club year book, 1950-1951  
2008.47.10 Booklet   Essex County Home Demonstration Club, 1959  
2009.01 Ancestor Charts   Member ancestor charts UDC Gen. Robert S. Garnett Chapter #2570, Fairfield California. 33 Pages in Binder.  
2009.06.7 Scrapbook   Scrapbook belonging to Mrs. John Martin (Annie Pierson Barrett Ball Martin) 1960s-1990. Contains a number odf newspapers  
2009.07.1 Memory Book   Tappahannock High School Memory Book 1955-1956.  
2009.07.2 Handbook   Tappahannock High School 1955 Handbook for Students  
2009.07.6 Newspaper   Rappahannock Times Aug. 4, 1946  
2009.07.7 Newspaper   Rappahannock Times Nov. 25, 1976.  
2009.07.8 Newspaper   Rappahannock Times Aug. 6, 1987 Section B only.  
2009.35.3 Biography   Biography of Robert Henry Cauthorn  
2009.46.5 Supplement, newspaper   50th Anniversary Norris Bridge, Lower Rappahannock, 1957, by Larry Chewning  
2009.46.6 article, Magazine   Collecting Oyster Plates by Karin Andrews in House and Home, Dec, Jan 2008-09, Billy and Carole Croxton's collection  
2009.56 Book Edward Ellis Book; New York, ca 1916; illustrated; 138 pp Pocahontas, A Princess of the Woods
2009.39 Book Lillian H. McGuire The History of the Southside Rappahannock Baptist Association and Allied Bodies, by Lillian H. McGuire, tappahannock, 2005 In Retrospect. The History of the Southside Rappahannock Baptist Association and Allied Bodies
2009.4 Book Evelyn D. Ward The Children of Bladensfield, by Evelyn D. Ward, Viking Press, New York, 1978 The Children of Bladensfield
2009.43 Book Glenn Samples The Brizendines, Richard Brizendine of Essex County, Clay County Landmarks Commission and Historical Society, 2008 The Brizendines, Richard Brizendine of Essex County
2009.44 Account Booklet   Dry Goods Personal Account Booklet, 1880-1910, Derieux Store, Tappahannock.  
2009.65.1 Binder   "Brockenbrough and Latane, Confederate Soldiers from Essex" Binder of Source material Brockenbrough and Latane, Confederate Soldiers from Essex
2009.65.2 Book Judith W. B. McGuire Diary of a Southern Refugee During the War Diary of a Southern Refugee During the War
2009.73 Book   Book: Essex County Newspaper Notices 1738-1938 - self-published 2009 Essex County Newspaper Notices 1738-1938
2009.12 article Suzanne Derieux "Scots Arms Tavern. Derieux House history  
2009.61.3 Clippings   Clippings found in the Journal of R G Haile  
2009.79.1 Book   Book, Tales of the Crusades, pub 1832 (?), Scotland(?) Tales of the Crusades
2009.79.2 Book   Book, Romance of Nature , New York, ca 1850,hand-colored illus Romance of Nature or The Poetical Language of Flowers
2009.79.3 Book   Child's Minature Book; History of the Bible, New London, 1831, w/ illustrations History of the Bible
2009.79.4 Book Tucker Book, Tucker, A Devotioinal Year Book, New York, 1911, illustrated, inscribed to Harry and Lucille,1918 A Devotioinal Year Book
2009.79.5 Book   Book, Longfellow, Song of Hiawatha, ca 1910, poor condition, illustrated  
2009.81 CD   Contains Bulletins of King William Historical Society:1-23  
2010.01 Book   Charles Ambler, Thomas Ritchie, A Study In Virginia Politics, Richmond, 1913  
2010.06.1 Book   Couture, Richard T., The Gresham Papers, 1997, paperback,1997,487pages  
2010.06.2 Paper   Essay on Gresham family, n.d., 5 pages,no author  
2010.06.3 Book   Krick, Robert K., 9th Virginia Cavalry, H.E.Howard, Inc, 1982  
2010.06.4 Book   Keen & Mewborn, 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry,Mosby's Command,H.E.Howard,Inc,1993  
2010.06.5 Book   O'Sullivan,Richard, 55th Virginia Cavalry, H. E.Howard, Inc. 1989  
2010.07 Book   Tell the Children I'll Be Home When the Peaches Get Ripe, Letters Home From Lt. Robt. Gaines Haile, Jr. Essex Sharpshooters,55th Va, 1862  
2010.11 Book   Essex County Virginia Historical Homes, 1940  
2010.12 Book   E. Farrar, Old Virginia Houses,The Mobjack Bay Country,1955  
2010.14 Book   James E C Norris,MD, Fight On,My Soul,A Colored Doctor's Battle,etc. 2009  
2010.15 Book   Essex County,Virginia,It's Historic Homes,Landmarks, and Traditions,Essex Women's Club,1957  
2010.34 Book   Mrs. Geo.P.Coleman, ed.,Virginia Silhouettes,Contemporary Letters Concerning Negro Slavery in the State of Va, Richmond, 1934  
2010.36 Book   Hidden Village,Port Royal,Virginia,1744-1981. Robert E. Fall,1982,2000,Port Royal,Va  
2010.43.8 Book   Published by Woman's Club f Essex County, 1957 Essex County Virginia, Its Historic Homes, Landmarks and Traditions
2010.43.9 Handbook   1962-63, handbook; contains some history of education in Essex County on page 42 The Warrior Sign, S.C.A. (Student Cooperative Association) for Tappahannock High School Students
2010.43.10 Application   for membership J.E.B. Stuart Camp, No. 326, United Sons of Confederate Veterans, Neewport News, VA; 1 page includes envelope  
2011.07 Book   History of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia, 1656--1692 by Thomas Hoskins Warner Published by Pauline Pearce Warner, Tappahannock , Va. copyright 1965, 222 pages with 1827 map, 3 illustrations by Sidney E. King and 1 illustration by Vivian Farish Motley  
2009.18.1 Print, photographic   George Dobyns residence became Riverside Hotel  
2009.18.2 Stationery   Riverside Hotel, Allen C. Bareford, Prop.  
2009.18.3 Key, Hotel   Riverside Hotel early 1950s  
2011.13 Book Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis Families of Bell, Binford, Bonner, Butler, Campbell, Cheadle, chiles, Clements, Cotton, Dejarnatt, Dumas, Ellyson, Fishback, Fleming, Hamlin, Hampton, Garrison, Harris, Haynie, Hurt, Hutcheson, Lee, Mosby, Mundy, Nelson, Peatross, Pettyjohn, Ruffin, Short, Spencer, Tarleton, Tatum, Taylor, Terrell, Watkins, Winston, Woodson Tidewater, Virginia Families: A Social History, Urbanna, Virginia
2011.14 DVD   Contains scans of Essex County, Historic Home photos from "Green Book" files made in 2009  
2011.15 Guide   Identifies 31 portraits with locations, 1 page. Guide to Essex County Courthouse Portraits
2011.26 Book Garnett, James M. Has bookplate marked "Essex County Historical Society Library, Tappahannock, Va. -- presented by Jimmy Beazley, 1965." Book moved on 20 March 2014 to Doc. rm for exhibit prep Seven Lectures on Female Education
2011.28.1 Book   Washington 1966, 771 pages DAR Patriot Index
2011.28.2 Book   Washington, 1973. 95 pages. Second Supplement to the DAR Patriot Index
2011.40.1 Book Waterman, Thomas T. and Barrows, John A. Dover, New York, 1969. Originally published in 1932. Features Blandfield in Essex County and Mount Airy and Menokin in Richmond County. Domestic Colonial Architecture of Tidewater Virginia
2011.40.2 Book Hall, Virginius C., Jr. compiler University Press of Virginia, 1981. Includes Francis Taliaferro Brookes, 1763-1851; represented Essex County in the Virginia legislature 1794; state senator 1800-1804; later Speaker of Senate and judge of the General Court; elected to the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals in 1811 and served for 40 years, six as president. Portraits in the Collection of the Virginia Historial Society, A Catalogue
2011.42 Book Garnett, Carol M. Paperback, 40 pages. The Caponka Caper
2012.01.8 Book   For Middle Penninsula and Northern Neck Telephone directory
2012.07.1 Book Farrar and Hines Counties include: Northumberland, Lancaster, Richmond, Westmoreland, King George, Middlesex, Esses, King and Queen and King William. Published New York, 1972. Old Virginia Houses, the Northern Penninsulas
2012.07.2 Book Edith T. Sale Interiors include Ritchie House, Brooke's Bank, Mount Airy and Elmwood. Published New York 1930. Colonial Interiors, Southern Colonial and Early Federal, Second Series
2012.07.3 Book Paul Wilstach Published New York 1929 Tidewater, Virginia
2012.07.4 Book E. Lee Shepard Published Richmond, Va. 2001 A History of St. Paul's Episcopal Church
2012.07.5 Book James A. Crutchfield Published Richmond, VA 2006 Tribute to an Artist, The Jamestown Paintings of Sidney E. King
2012.07.6 Book Mary T.H. Gray   Caroline County, A Pictorial History
2012.07.7 Book   The Restoration of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia The Architectural Record, Vol. 78, No. 6
2012.09 Book Arthur R. Seder, Jr. Published in N.C. A Smith Family Odyssey
2012.11 Book   Published by Essex County (U.K.) Council, County Hall, Chelmsford, Essex, U.K. Essex U.K. -- Virginia, Commemorating 400 Years
2012.12.1 Book Woman's Club paperback Old Homes of Essex County
2012.12.2 Pamphlet Women's Club and Chamber of Commerce   Who, What, When and Where in Essex County 1985-1986
2012.12.3 Paper     Answer sheet for Who, What, When and Where in Essex County
2012.12.4 Booklet Joseph S. Ewing Set apart in 1683 from Old Farnham Parish" by Joseph S. Ewing, Rector. One page, no date. Essay, "The Colonial Background of South Farnham Parish, Essex County, Va.
2012.13 Notebook R. Peyton Guest, Jr. Family memoirs including burials, Bowlers, Center Cross, strange happenings, vessels. Peyton's Memoirs
2012.14 Bible   Signed Lousiana Croxton, Clay Hill, February 1865 Croxton family bible
2011.10.41 Book William Allen Butler Poems by the author. Inscribed "Brockenbrough Belleville, Richmond Co." Published by D. Appleton & Co. N.Y. Tho Millions
2012.17 Sheet music   Two page copy of "Dandy Jim of Caroline", a comic Negro song published in Philadelphia, 1844 "Dandy Jim of Caroline"
2012.18.1 Booklet Tappahannock-Essex County Chamber of Commerce 62 pages, published 1980 by the Tappahannock-Essex County Chamber of Commerce Welcome, Tappahannock Virginia Tricentennial, 1680, 1681, 1682 - 1980, 1981, 1982
2012.19 Pamphlet     History of Elias Hasket Derby
2012.22 Newspaper   Bound volume of Richmond Dispatch newspapers Richmond Dispatch
2012.23.1 Document   One sheet, copy; relates to Midway and Miller's Tavern; signed by Hannah E. Hoskins, postmaster Minor Post Office Mappinmg Information
2012.23.6 Newspaper   Civil War supplement to the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Richmond News Leader; tabloid format, 39 pages; published c. 1961--1965 for the Civil War Centennial; map of Virginia battles in the centerfold The War of 1861--1865, Virginia and the War
2012.26.1 Book National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution   1982 Supplement to the DAR Patriot Index
2012.26.2 Book National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution   The First Supplement to the 1969 DAR Patriot Index
2012.26.3 Book National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution   The Third Supplement to the 1976 DAR Patriot Index
2012.26.4 Book Mrs. William Frank Chastain   The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia
2012.26.5 Book   A History Commemorating the Sesquicentennial 1832--1982 Rappahannock Christian Church, Dunnsville, Va.
2012.26.6 Book National Society of Colonial Dames   National Society of Colonial Dames XVII Century Roster 1985
2012.26.7 Book National Society of Colonial Dames   National Society of Colonia Dames VIII Century Dames Part 1 1985--1987
2012.26.8 Book Mary Louise Marshall Hutton   Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors Supplement Number One 1975--1979
2012.26.9 Book Mrs. George R. Bott   Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors Supplement Number Two 1979 --1988
2012.27 Spindle   Drop spindle in case  
2012.32.1 Book   Paperback compilation of Virgina Landowners of Essex County, 1815 1815 Directory -- Virginia Landowners Essex County (Internet)
2012.32.2 Book   Paperback compilation of public claims of Essex County, Va. in he 1700's. (Internet) Publick Claims
2013.01 Book Richard T. Couture Contains Civil War information regarding Ft. Lowery, Tappahannock, etc. What Think You of That? The Gresham Papers
2013.03.1 Book Virginia Elliott Author was born at "GreenLount" Essex County in 1919. Her memoir describes the Lanview community during her 79 years living there. Paper, 16 pages. I Remember When
2013.03.2 Book Gordon and Anita Harrower Paper, 121 pages; Published by the Essex County Museum and Historical Society. To the Color, Essex County, Virginia Veterans Tell Their Stories
2013.03.3 Book Ivy Wood Hunt Paper, 43 pages; Published by the Essex County Museum and Historical Society Memoirs (1874-1962) Bowler's Wharf, Esex County, Virginia
2013.11.1 Book Mary Virginia Haile Paperback, 46 pages. Biography of an Old Country Church, St. Paul's, 1838 -- 1971
2013.11.2 Book Mary Virginia Haile Paperback, 51 pages. An Informal History of Glebe Landing Baptist Church, 1772 -- 2001
2013.25 Book   Paper bound; 141 pages The Lumpkin Family of King & Queen County, VA
2013.31.1 Book A.D. Latane 42-page hardbound volume of poetry. Self-published, Tappahannock, VA Vagaries and Memories
2013.31.2 Book A.D. Latane 44-page soft-bound volume, third edition 1941, printed 1947, self-published, Tappahannock, VA Vagaries and Memories
P97.081.9 Book A.D. Latane   Vagaries and Memories
2012.02.2 Magazine   Conatins article on Wood farm history and move to new location by Priscilla Vaughan, p. 10 Dec. 2012, Jan 2013 issue House and Home
2009.16.1 Book Lucy Temple Latane French Huguenot refugee descendent who came to Essex County, history and genealogy Parson Latane 1672-1732
2009.11.2 Program   Piano recital Mar 13, 1909, Tappahannock, names of girl students: Snead, Henley, Blakey, Wright, Southworth, Ware, Passagaluppi, Balderson, Hayes  
2014.18.1 Book   Book, hardback, 194 pages with index, by Wesley E Pippenger; "Tappahannock and Essex County, Virginia in Early Photographs," Tappahannock, 2014. Tappahannock and Essex County, Virginia in Early Photographs
2014.2 Book   Book; belonged to, and signed by, Albert C rennolds, Jr., of Essex County; hardback with 126 pages; illustration of congressman Jones (1849 - 1918); published Washington, 1919. Memorial Addresses On the Life and Character of William A Jones
2014.26.1 Newspaper   The Richmond News Leader, Saturday, May 30, 1992, "It Seems Like Only Yesterday," a special commenorative magazine  
2014.26.2 Newspaper   The last issue of the Richmond News Leader, Saturday, May 30, 1992.  
2014.31 Book Stuart Butler Revised and expanded edition; New Papyrus Publishing, Athens, Ga, 2011 A Guide to Virginia Militia Units in the War of 1812
2015.06.8 Book   Book, cloth; Hursts Limp Cloth Books, No. 11, New York 1908, 12 pages, fair to poor condition. The Three Bears
2015.06.9 Book   Book, 10 pages, Charles E Graham and Co, New York, ca 1900s; fair conditon. Peter Rabbit
2015.07 Bible   Bible, tooled leather covers, New York Bible Society 1865. Belonged to Judith White Brockenbrough McGuire (Mrs. Rev.John (Peyton) Mcguire), Tappahannock, 1878. Front and back covers detached. Signature is J.W. McGuire in two places; descended in family of her stepson, John. P. McGuire, Jr. Copy of the poem, "Elijha's Interview with God" by Lyte in pencil in her hand on rear flypapers.  
2014.18.2 Book Virginia Showell hard cover, 85 pages, Baltimore, 1924 Essex Sketches, An Appreciation
2015.10.1 Book M V Brewington Topics: shipbuilding, settlers, sailing vessels, steamboats, ferries, oysters, crabs, fish, maritime museum.; book published 1956 (NY). Chesapeake Bay, A Pictorial History
2015.11 Magazine James L. Blanks List of topics and corresponding page and issue 1. G. Walker Box, renovation of Brooke's Bank, Elmwood, p 14; oysters, p 58; Sept/Oct 2010. 2. McCall-Brockenborough House, Mahockney, little Egypt, Meriwehter-Ritchie House, Roane-Wright-Trible House, Dr Thomas C Gordon House-St Magarets Hall, Water Lane, Tappahannock, p 10, Hobbs Hole Golf Course, William W Cooke, p 62. 3. Rosenwald Schools b y Lillian McGuire, p 16; Rivafest, 2011, p 22. 4. George Pickett on the Rappanannock River, Austin Brockenbrough, Fairview, Waring, by Dale Harter; p 18, Oct/Nov 2012. 5. Steamboats, p 24, Blandfield, p 51, Feb/Mar 2013. 6. Fox Hall Corn Crib, Lowery's Restaurant, p 42; oyster War p 24, Oct/Nov 2013. 7. Lowery's Restaurant, Tappahannock, p 16, Dec 2013/Jam 2014. 8. Kendale, Little Egypt, Cherry Walk, Shelba, p 22; Rivafest 2014, p 34, April/May 2014. 9. Glencairn, p 78; Aug/Sept 2014. 10. St John's Episcopal; Church, Tappahannock, p 18; Elmwood, Wheatland, Kinloch, Rose Hill, Gay Mont, Vauter's Church, p 22; tomato cannery, John Rennolds, p 26; Oct/Nov 2014. 11. Leedstown Resolves by John Rennolds, p 40; June/July 2015. House and Home
2015.09.4 Book   Book presented to Joseph Latane Ware by Rappahannock Christian Church, Dunnsville, 1944. He served in WW II. Strength for Service to God and Country
2015.09.5 Newspaper clippings, military records   Folder of WW II newspaper clippings and military records of Joe Latane Ware of Dunnsville; includes the ship Queen Elizabeth that brought him to US from Europe after the war.  
2015.12.1 Book Robert L Pettigrew Book , Richmond, Va, n.d., (ca 1973) hardcover, 266 pages with illustrations The Story of Fort Liberty (Haiti) and the Dauphin Plantation
2015.08.2 Magazine   Magazine, "Front Page Detective," Dec 1949, with article "Case of the Hungry Killer," p 20, about the murder of Frank Spindle and his wife Helen M. Spindle. Richard Blackwell was State Trooper involved in case. The County Sheriff was S. S. Newbill. The Essex County prosecutor was Emory Carlton. Location of crime was Loretto, corner of Spindle Shop Rd. Brother of Helen Spindle, Dave McGalliard, was apprehended 16 days later and convicted of murder. He was sentenced to life in prison.  
2015.14.1 law book   Book is leather bound, 1178 pages. Code of Virginia, 1887
2015.14.2 Law book   Law book Acts of Assembly, Va, 1887-88
2015.14.3 Law book   Law book Acts of Assembly, Va 1891-92
2015.14.4 Law book   Law book Acts of Assembly, Va, 1897 - 98.
2015.14.5 Law book   Law book Acts of Assembly, Va, 1906
2015.14.6 Law book   For use of magistrates, 1892, signed by C S Smith in front flyleaf; leather bound. Mayo's Guide
2015.14.7 Textbook   Book , Cincinnati and New York, 1869, with illustrations. Harvey's Elementary Grammar and Composition
2015.14.8 Textbook   Textbook. Subjectscovered kitchen, laundry, house-cleaning, etc. New York, 1882. Household Economy, A Manual for Schools
2015.14.9 Legal document   Legal document: Commonwealth vs Robert Hill; Hill was convicted of assult and battery and committed to jail, Jan 1902, signed by R L Pendleton, JP, judge.  
2015.13.1 Magazine   2011 Report : Wheatland, p 16 and 30; Rose Hill; Hundley, p 21 2012 Report: Paynefield, p 12; Historical Documentation of Essex County, p 12; Rappahannock River Furniture by Ron Hurst, p 15; Woodworking in Essex County, p 18; Forgotten Beaufort by Suzanne Derieux, p 41; Port Micou, p 44, Latane Obelisk, p 47. 2013 Report: see 2013.32 2014 Report: Wheatland, Saunders, Elmwood, Garnett, p 8; Gay Mont, Rose Hill, Hipkins, Vauter's Church, Kinloch, Baylor, Goodman architect, p 9; Montague Farms, Taliaferro, p 27; Monument Place, Tappahannock, Wellford, Gray, Mrs. Gray's School, Brokenbrough, Virginia Hotel, Monument Hotel, Gresham, Monument Place, p 29; Kendale, Wellford, p 39; Herring Dipping, p 48; Rappahannock Valley furniture, Robert Walker, p 50; Rappahannock River by Ed Haile, p 58.